Press Kit

“They are a hard working band genuinely concerned about making our event memorable for everyone”- Will Hodges, Regional Manager Tin Roof

Matt Waters is the rock and blues, bringing a sound and a show to crowds all over the country. Starting as a soulful singer-songwriter, Waters has grown into strong frontman who owns the stage and audience with the help of his bandmates. The show is nothing short of a groove that renders chairs useless when venues turn into an all-out dance floor. This is an up and comer to keep your eyes on as the time goes on with the release of his new single “Wild” there is nothing but high expectations for the trajectory of his career.

Here’s some live footage for you to check out!

“It’s a privilege to do this, I get to walk out onstage every night surrounded by friends and music that is absolutely infectious. Getting up infront of a crowd breaths so much life into me and the band that we can’t help but bring it every night. Every show is an opportunity to make a moment in time memorable for everyone involved, and we aren’t satisfied until the bartenders are dancing on the tables. This isn’t about performing, it’s about sharing a feeling. Every person in the venue is part of the show, and we don’t stop until they feel it.”- Matt Waters

Link to our newest single “Wild”

We want to thank you for your time, and for your support of new music. We look forward to working together in the near future. Please go through the contact page for any and all booking inquiries.

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